FBC 921

A new generation of anterior interbody implants

The FBC 921 is a novel two-piece titanium alloy ALIF device, permitting in situ lordotic adjustment and designed specifically for the requirements of L5-S1.  

We believe correction is better from the front. And at L5-S1, lordosis correction has the most benefit, as 35 to 40% of lumbar lordosis originates from at L5-S1.

The FBC 921 brings back the ‘touch’ to the surgeon. The FBC 921 is an articulated two-piece device that permits free movement of the top relative to the bottom, until they are locked in place and without changing the important posterior height. This makes it distinctive in its ability to personalize its form to the lordosis angle of for each individual patient.

The articulation is also efficient from a space perspective, enabling large bone graft windows compared to expandables. Compared to traditional one-piece, monolithic interbody cages, the implant can be optimally aligned with the patient’s vertebrae for broader endplate contact and offers a larger contact surface that will better distribute the load, reduce subsidence and accelerate fusion.  

This new technology reduces inventory, saves time for the surgeon and enables variable lordosis. The implant is approved for the US market with supplemental posterior fixation.

Press release 24 July 2018:

FBC Device ApS Receives First FDA Clearance For Spinal Interbody Implant Providing Lordosis Adjustment from 9 to 21 Degrees to Aid Surgeons & Patients  

A new generation of anterior interbody implants explained:

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