Self-adapting ALIF cage

A potential benefit includes improving the bone-implant interface with a potential positive impact on sagittal balance and clinical outcomes.

Imbalanced spines cause low back pain, and research supports the concept that balancing the spine with surgery can improve outcomes. The Statur-L enables re-balance of the spine which offers benefits for both patients, surgeon, hospital and health economics. 

Statur-L is a two-piece anterior interbody fusion implant composed of PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKetone), with tantalum spheres used as radiologic markers. The two pieces articulate to allow the surgeon to adjust lordosis in situ. This new technology reduces expensive inventory, saves time for the surgeon and enables variable lordosis. Also, the implant has a keel, to enhance the stability of the implant when placed in lordosis.

The implant is CE approved for use with supplemental fixation.

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